Story: Just say it as it happens

Stories that people want to listen more-and-more are continued and does not have an end!

What’s a story?

Wikipedia — “Therapeutic storytelling is the act of telling one’s story in an attempt to better understand oneself or one’s situation. Often times, these stories affect the audience in a therapeutic sense as well, helping them to view situations similar to their own through a different lens.”

How is a story told? Shall we say it is just a description of something that ‘happened’. To tell it to someone as if something that has happened! Similar to what we say to people in our everyday life. Yes, everyone wants to listen to a story. That’s why we switch to news to listen to stories told by journalists. It may be false ones with minor truth in them. But in the way, they are told, they make us believe what is being told. Most often a marketing team cooks up stories for people so that they go and buy their products even though they don’t want to buy them. That’s the power of storytelling.

You would find people gather around a fire and often narrate stories!

Things started happening for early man since he discovered fire. Storytelling must have started when the early man lit up bonfire and sat around in a group at night after hunting just to discover how their day was and to share it to the group. Often amplified and exaggerated in their talks, the stories would have been exciting. The similar pattern must have continued all throughout the world to share different experiences and story with others. Sometimes they may not have been real. Sometimes stories might have been just restricted to a small village in England or remote village in India or some unreachable small town in China. But overall if you travel the world, you would find similar stories crop up on lots of different places without having any shared ideas or culture.

A good story transcends any geographical boundaries and does not focus on names or culture too much but rather than that, it uses basic human elements of emotion and understanding to bring in a connection to its characters and incidents that happen while a storyteller weaves his own story to an audience. The audience may be from different places and different culture, but they all would understand a simple story set in some other place with simple characters. What requires is a good narrative and explanation of where the story setting is and what the characters’ moods are and what they are thinking about while the story is being told.

Powerful storytelling makes us imagine a magical world!

A good storyteller makes you immerse in the story by keeping you engrossed in it with his acting. He will dwell right into the character and sometimes enact out key moments and emotions to make the audience connect with the incident and characters.

TED has an entire list of Story telling videos from experts in the field- Storytelling — TED Talks.

To conclude, it is not where and to whom the story is told makes an impact. But it’s content and how engrossing and captivating it is told, makes an impact.




I am a ux.ui designer who strives to bring better experiences for people, with people. I’ve worked on VR, film, mobile and TV

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Justin Jolly Samuel

Justin Jolly Samuel

I am a ux.ui designer who strives to bring better experiences for people, with people. I’ve worked on VR, film, mobile and TV

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