The epitome of technology in the year 2012

An year where I saw lot of developments in terms of future technologies and it’s advanced uses in consumer products and expos which made us believe that the world has finally started using advanced prototype and products that accentuate the people living on earth.

We saw gestures being implemented on TVs and people could talk to their TVs and use their hand gestures to control channels and volume which was so cool. The fact that the entire video conferencing was brought from laptops and desktop to a TV in the living room was fabulous. Viewers could see 3-D movies as play games wearing glasses from their living rooms. Remotes with gestures and accelerometer to make it like a gaming device controller was awesome.

People started thinking that a TV is now just like a computer.

Smartphones did not advance much in terms of product by then. In terms of product design we saw rounded shaped and curvy designs. But Apple took this step to break this monotonous appeal and came up with a stunning design of iPhone 5. It was not the aluminium wrap but a proper mix of aluminium and glass with its edge chisel which gave it the premium look and a standout product in its category.

We saw this design being mimicked by a dozen companies in the 3–4 years. This is what path breaking design does. It creates a benchmark for others to follow.

We saw how Google brought it’s AR product Google glass in the same year. It was loved by all for it’s Innovation and hated equally for its invasion of privacy. the demo was outstanding and their was a lot of promising things to come out in the future.

What’s the scene in 2017?

A lot of things above don’t exist anymore. There is no gesture control or 3D technology in TV. No video conference or even a command or talk to feature on TV. Apple has gone back to it’s curved and smooth edges design. No AR glasses or Google glass.

A lot of people believe that these technologies were not being able to properly utilised as it was ahead of time. And that we have gone back to pre 2012 era.

On a different note.. the movie and some prophets mentioned the end of the world by 2012. But what exactly happened is kind of end of technological innovation by 2012 as people on earth no longer enjoy advanced technology overtaking them at least for few years.




I am a ux.ui designer who strives to bring better experiences for people, with people. I’ve worked on VR, film, mobile and TV

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Justin Jolly Samuel

Justin Jolly Samuel

I am a ux.ui designer who strives to bring better experiences for people, with people. I’ve worked on VR, film, mobile and TV

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